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Terms & Conditions

T4W is the trademark for the services provided by the company TECFORWORK UNIPESSOAL LDA NIF 513 376 860, this trade mark is set on Industrial Property Bulletin No. 111/2015.

The conditions described below regulate the relationship between the aforementioned company and the customer. Thus when engaging the services of tourist activities is assumed knowledge and acceptance of these conditions by the client. The general conditions described herein can be complemented by specific conditions sent to the client, and the specific conditions are complementary and overlap the general conditions.

Programe and services

Proposals for services (price, location, other information) will be valid only for the dates given in the proposal. The description of each service on our website and in customized proposals sent to customers is abbreviated but as explicit as possible. However, the content and services of format are subject to slight changes depending on the time of year and weather conditions. Possible changes will be communicated in the confirmation of your reservation. Business programs provided to customers include a detailed description of activities, such as standards of conduct, general and specific conditions, prices and other information. Participants of the activities should therefore take note of the repetitive activity program.


The duration of the activities is given for guidance only and approximately, depending on the reality of external factors to guides. Will be given 15 minutes tolerance for all participants gather at the meeting point.



All activities and programs contained in T4W.pt site that include stays / accommodation, meals and other extra activities are marketed and organized by T4W being held in partnership with properly registered and licensed partners. Other activities and services are registered trademark T4W, organized and implemented by TECFORWORK UNIPESSOAL LDA, NIF 513 376 860 Holder Reg.Nº 6/2015 / RAA

To subscribe to any tourist pre-defined activity made available through the reservation system on www.t4w.pt site, meaning that this act is to make the purchase of the requested service and agree to the Terms and activity Specific. Therefore, undertakes to pay all services in the activity for which you made your reservation. The remaining activitys – customized or personalized tours/activity will booked via email geral@t4w.pt.

Payment is made at time of reservation, can be made by online resources available in www.t4w.pt

Upon your registration / reservation the client assumes some compromises before the T4W:

  • To have taken note and accept the Terms and Conditions of participation and activity in which the customer subscribes, which constitutes the particular conditions of participation in the activity.
  • That the participant is in adequate health conditions to the activity which follows and accepts the nature of it, including the risks arising from the impossibility of immediate access to medical care.
  • That the participant is aware of the type of physical and psychological demands that the activity involves and that could lead to unforeseen situations.

Refunds and Cancellations / Changes

T4W can cancel an activity, for reasons beyond our control (eg extreme weather conditions), in that case we will notify you at the earliest opportunity and ll make every effort, to present you an alternative date of your convenience or this may lead to a full refund of the reservation.

T4W reserves the right to cancel the activities in the following cases:

    • The minimum participants required for each activity are not met;
    • Weather conditions or other render it impractical;
    • No security conditions are met;
  • They are not met the general and specific terms and conditions;

The realization of many activities are dependent on weather conditions. If any activity is canceled due to weather conditions, a new reservation it will be offered, but always subject to weather conditions of the respective day. In the case of cancellation by the customer, you may receive a full refund of your payment and the following conditions:

  • If only half-day activities and one day, you will receive a full refund if you cancel 24 hours before the activity; otherwise you may incur payment of expenses already incurred, or total loss of the amount paid..
  • For activities lasting longer than one day, the cancellation must be made 72 hours before the activity, otherwise you may incur payment of expenses already incurred, or total loss of the amount paid.


These general conditions are directed to individual clients and not for business partners, Travel Agencies and Tour Operators. The same can be revoked or amended by contracts, obligations, or agreements however assumed parallel and in writing with business partners such as Travel and Tour Operators Agencies. If you do not enter into any agreements or side agreements in writing, the General Conditions in force.


The itineraries included in programs only indication being the route subject to change. The services provided by us, unless expressly indicated otherwise is not included transport


The T4W activities strictly follow the safety standards, reducing the risks associated with the activities we have developed. However, participants should be aware that due to the nature of the activities the risk can not be reduced entirety. Participants of T4W activities should undertake to follow certain rules of conduct, which respect their own safety, that of other people (participants of the activities or not) and nature. The company TECFORWORK UNIPESSOAL LDA and its employees are not responsible for inappropriate behaviors of the participants during the activities, may, however, end an activity if security conditions or the minimum conduct standards are concerned.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are in health conditions for the practice of their activities. Certain activities require verification of certain conditions in the person who performs, such as age, health status and other requirements of physical and psychological conditions. When possible such restrictions are indicated in the proposal sent to the customer.



Policy No: 85/ 22845 – Mutua Insurance

Liability insurance, which covers patrimonial and non-patrimonial damages to third parties and clients, they can be allocated in the course of our activity.

Personal Accident Insurance, all participants of our activities are covered by a personal accident insurance, operated on your behalf.

  • Liability insurance 50.000,00€
  • Death or total and permanent disability 420.000,00€
  • treatment costs REPATRIAMENTO 73.500,00€

Other information

All site content from T4W (texts, photographic and information) is protected by copyright and may not be used without prior authorization from T4W. The images collected during the activities carried out by T4W can be used for dissemination of the same services.

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