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Futurismo – Swimming with dolphins

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Futurismo – Swimming with dolphins



Prices for this activity
Adults 85€
Children (8-12 years old) 42.50€
This activity is only available for children from 8 years old for safety reasons.

Check-in time: 8:30 am and 1:30 pm in our shop at Ponta Delgada harbor .


Imagine yourself floating in the deep blue waters of the Atlantic Ocean, watching and hearing dolphins in their natural habitat. Learn more about the species, enjoy the ocean and find yourself on this invigorating trip! Join us in Ponta Delgada harbor at our shop to begin this amazing adventure. Before the trip, we provide a general presentation about the dolphin species, how to swim with dolphins responsibly in the wild, how to use a mask and snorkel, rules and how to behave around the dolphins as well as safety measures aboard. This activity is held in small groups on one of our zodiac boats.
For your own safety during this tour, you need to know how to swim and be comfortable with the idea of snorkeling in open waters. Our staff will always be close and watch you on the boat.
In the Azores, there are 3 resident dolphin species which are Risso’s dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and common dolphins. In addition to those three, it is possible to see Atlantic spotted dolphins, striped dolphins as well as rough-toothed dolphins and Fraser’s dolphins on rare occasions.

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