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Jeep Tours

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  • Fun Activities – CANYONING

     60 € / Person (Half Day) 

    65 € with pick up (Half Day) 

    80 € / Person (Full Day)

    85 € with pick up (Full Day)

  • Terra do Pico – Coastline Tour

    Duration: 1 hour

    Departure time: 5:30 p.m.


    Explore the Coastline of Mosteiros!

    Come and see what Mosteiros has been hiding from the rest of the island! Explore the west coast geothermal activity, pass through the islets, discover Ferraria’s ocean hot springs, observe numerous bird specimens and their behavior, and marvel over the amazing landscapes this bay can give.


    The Coastline Tour at Mosteiros is special. It is renowned for its tranquility, the frequent bird activity and the beautiful seascapes that the islets provide. With this boat ride, you will feel that there are very few places left in the world like this one, so peaceful and unique.

    The ride includes a trip to Ferraria’s hot spring geo-monument, where you’ll see the ocean being warmed up by thermal activity and to Bretanha and its beautiful geological formations. You’ll have the chance to pass through the islets at Mosteiros coast and bring home a wonderful memory of the west coast of the great island of São Miguel.

    What You Can Expect

    At our base, you will be given a life jacket, a waterproof light jacket and a briefing by our professional guide about what you can expect to see and about our safety procedures. After that, we’ll head out to the port (one-minute walk) and into the boat. Then we will head out to our points of geological interest and amazing views for you to enjoy. The trip will last about one hour

    20.00 View
  • Futurismo – Swimming with dolphins


    Prices for this activity
    Adults 85€
    Children (8-12 years old) 42.50€
    This activity is only available for children from 8 years old for safety reasons.

    Check-in time: 8:30 am and 1:30 pm in our shop at Ponta Delgada harbor .

    85.00 View
  • Futurismo – Whale and dolphin watching

    Adults (12 years+) 60€
    Children (6-12 years) 30€
    Free for 0-5 years old

    60.00 View
  • Sete Cidades + Kayak

    90€ / Pearson (Lunch Included)

  • 4WD in Sete Cidades and Serra Devassa Walking Trail

    90€ / Pearson (lunch Included)

    75.00 View
  • Lagoa do Fogo and Wild Lakes

    85€ / Pearson ( lunch included)

    75.00 View
  • 1Sete cidades e Ferraria (Full day)
    - Cumeeiras, Empadadas & Sete Cidades Lake, Vista do Rei, Canário Lake, Mosteiros, Ferraria
  • 3Lagoa do fogo (Meio dia/Half a day & Dia Inteiro/Full day)
    - Fogo lake, Salto do Cabrito, Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande (Termal Pools), Caldeira Velha
  • 2Sete cidades (Half a day)
    - Cumeeiras, Lagoas Empadadas, Lagoa das Sete Cidades, Vista do Rei, Lagoa do Canário
  • 4Furnas (Half a day & Full day)
    - Furnas lake, Caldeiras, Escalda Pés
  • 5Nordeste (Full day)
    - Ribeira dos Caldeirões, Povoação, Salto do Cavalo, Tronqueira, Vila do Nordeste
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